Elation imposters!

There has been quite a few Kuala Sosna Elation "imposters" out there lately!!

Be very sure what you are buying before you part with your hard earned money!! Just saying...
Its not the central issue here, but the statement that only a fool would cut a cable down is nonsense. There's absolutely no reason that a 'cut down' cable wouldn't perform just as well as the original size. Its not difficult to find cable manufacturers that are willing to support their product by modifying length, type of termination, and performing repairs, regardless of who the original owner was.

Also, how does the fact that counterfeit cables exist constitute a valid reason for refusing to modify authentic cables?
I second what psag has said.
 I would like to know technical reason/s why it would deteriorate quality of IC if "cut down" into smaller lengths even if re-terminations are done just like the originals ?
Can someone throw more light for the benefit of all ?

The poster Psag is right!
There is no reason you can't...
If you have a well constructed cable the only caveat would be as to how the terminations were affixed.

If by hand [such as Refine Ultima Musica etc.] it is easier but if by machine then care would need to be given so as to encapsulate the entire diameter of the cable...The composite structure would also need to be carefully enclosed...
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