Elation imposters!

There has been quite a few Kuala Sosna Elation "imposters" out there lately!!

Be very sure what you are buying before you part with your hard earned money!! Just saying...
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How do you tell the difference between real and fake?
The terminations/connectors are marked into the metal...

Thanks! for sharing- azjake.

china makes all of these fake cables/cords.
You mean the serial numbers are laser engraved into the connectors, correct?  The power cords are different however with a black band with the serial number.  Don't know what you mean about lately as there has not been much Kubala up except for recent postings by a guy who I purchased Elations from and super pleased with.  If buying used, make sure they are in the states  with clear pics of the serial numbers.  The Elation speaker cables up there now even include a pic of the packing list that the dealer gets straight ftom Kubala.  I'd buy them now but the seller has a pending sale from what I was told when I phoned him yesterday.   Funny you posted this thread exactly the same day all his cables were posted Az....
Can you be specific as to who is a Kubala "imposter" so I can stand clearly away from the seller? I'm in the market for used Kubala Elation speaker cables.
One final note...the best way to differenciate between an imposter and an authentic Kubala cable is to personally call Joe Kubala on his cell phone which is 1-862-222-3901 to confirm the serial number and cable.  I phoned Joe when I purchased from the seller "cdrc" which Joe confirmed 100%.  Joe also said he is the only one who can laser engrave the serial numbers into his Neutrik connectors so make sure they are there before you call him.  Joe even transferred the warranty from my purchase from "cdrc" for free.  Joe Kubala is a super nice guy who cares about people.

I once asked Joe if he would be willing to shorten some cables that were available on the secondary market. He declined.
Funny how it seems you are defending this "cdrc" person so heavily... Just as his three ads appear on Audiogon!
i am glad that your purchase was authentic but reading several forum posts on different websites it has become a trend...
That is why Joe will not deal with "secondary market" cables that have no direct history with him!
As for "cdc"...I dealt with him by a group of triads against me when i sold my KS cables ,all without any knowledge of how they came to me, only to embarrass himself when Joe himself AND Bill from GTT Audio vouched for their authenticity!! A real "head case"!!!

My posting on different websites??, are you sick or just an angry little man with nothing else to do except try and smear people cowardly with no backbone behind their backs?  The truth is that I look at Kubala listings on Audiogon daily and can positively vouch that there has been only a very few Kubala listings in the past few months.  Along comes June 6, 2016 and a seller listed some Kubala Elation and you immediately come on starting this bogus and untrue thread trying to post nonsense and deceipt the community.  I call what i did to you was I got you busted right in your tracks, son!!  How do you say, BUSTED!!??  Just look how defensively you have responded and gotten.  I obviously hit a nerve. but it was worth it.  Thank you for the truth, you indeed do have a problem as I suspected in your tone.  I agree, Kubala does not get involved in the secondary market (only a fool would cut a cable down) but Kubala does positively reapond and confirm the authenticity of his cables in the secondary market.  I never eluded to Kubala supporting the secondary market but I did say he will confirm authenticity of all his cables in the secondary market.  Do I need to post my email from Kubala proving this and his cell phone number that I was given, you loser?  Indeed, I am a newbee here and noticed the true trend is that YOU seem to have issues with people in this community for no reason whatsoever.  I joined Audiogon when I purchased an Elation cable from "cdrc" and found him to be highly intelligent, honest and straightforward.  It was this transaction alone that made me come back.  Additionally, he never charged me PayPal fees and shipped my XLR overnight for free which supported and solidified his 100% long-term feedback which strangely one cannot say about you.  You cannot even follow Audiogon policy posting  because your basic listings which is PayPal payment only but you advertise against Audiogon basic posting policy dictating you will not accept PayPal.  Rules are rules son and what you are doing is wrong.  It doesn't matter because you Jap cartriage has been listed for months to no avail and no interest unlike other sellers, whom I won't mention, who seem to be able to move products within days.  I don't know what "cdrc" ever did to you but I will find out.   In the meantime, stop living in the past Mr. droopy draws and move forward.  Your cortisol levels will plummet drastically once you release your angriness.   Good by, angry little man!!  :)
First off...It was JULY 6th.!
Guess your misplaced anger got the better of you!
Secondly, the "on several websites referred to the subject being discussed on different sites, not YOU being on several different sites, again your misplaced anger i suppose...
That would be "backbone in their backs, not behind their backs" etc. etc...
Gee, WHO'S throwing the defensive temper tantrum???

Paypal is but ONE form of payment made on the option of several...Otherwise Audiogon would be a Paypal only site!

My "tap" cartridge [nice Donald T Junior!!]
Has been listed for 11 days, again with the exaggerations...

The timing is valid, your reaction and name calling are what's defensive and immature...

The only thing you have "busted" is yourself, you "see plots everywhere" complex and your obvious nasty mouth...

Say hello to your good friend CDRC, your a pair [or the same]

Its not the central issue here, but the statement that only a fool would cut a cable down is nonsense. There's absolutely no reason that a 'cut down' cable wouldn't perform just as well as the original size. Its not difficult to find cable manufacturers that are willing to support their product by modifying length, type of termination, and performing repairs, regardless of who the original owner was.

Also, how does the fact that counterfeit cables exist constitute a valid reason for refusing to modify authentic cables?
I second what psag has said.
 I would like to know technical reason/s why it would deteriorate quality of IC if "cut down" into smaller lengths even if re-terminations are done just like the originals ?
Can someone throw more light for the benefit of all ?

The poster Psag is right!
There is no reason you can't...
If you have a well constructed cable the only caveat would be as to how the terminations were affixed.

If by hand [such as Refine Ultima Musica etc.] it is easier but if by machine then care would need to be given so as to encapsulate the entire diameter of the cable...The composite structure would also need to be carefully enclosed...
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