Elac Vela FS 409's

I'm not familiar with Elac speakers. I saw a demonstration on Youtube with the Vela FS 409's. Wow they sound amazing and look incredible. Looking for any first hand experience with these or any in their product line. Any and all opininions are welcome.
Thanks in advance.
I just got a pair of the Vela BS 403 - only had them for a day, but they are impressive right off the bat.  The tweeter is very smooth and the bass is punchy and well controlled for its size.  

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. They sound “amazing”? On YouTube, through your phone? You’re easy to please!

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Why the “LOL” BS?  People discover gear and speakers on YouTube. Welcome to 2022.  And, to be honest, you can tell a little something about the SQ in the videos. The OP didn’t say ”everyone run out and buy these speakers,” he asked the Audiogon community for help confirming or contradicting his first impression from the video.

The OP also has a really nice system.  So maybe just answer the post or, if you don’t have anything to add, don’t.

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This is the link. I just listened to this on a laptop and cheap headphones. Listen for yourself....they sound amazing with great gear. This forum has gone to hell with all these trolls who know nothing about hifi.

NYMarty-nailed it. Youtube is not a bad way of exploring new gear. Not the end all be all....but a start to get a visual and sometimes a decent review. I'm really starting to hate this site. Back in the day the posters on this forum were exceptional. It was a great place to learn about gear and music.

But enough of that...lets get back to praising Chinese speakers that look atrocious.

@krelldog , matter of taste. I have the 403 and they very good for such a small speaker.  I would probably choose the Elysian 2.  It just stinks there is audition site to review the speaker.  I use youtube alot on judging its quiality too.