Elac Uni-Fi UB5

now that these are being released it would be great to have some comparisons in their size range.  like myself, I have the original Nola Boxer which I like a lot.  it would be very interesting with all the "claims" of this speaker that has been published.
That’s if they ever ship. My kid sister ordered a pair before the first shipping date of May 1st, then it got pushed back to the 25th. She just received information from who she preordered them that they are extending the shipping date out another 6-8 weeks because the factory the cabinets are being made messed up the color so they are starting over. I’m sure they are going to be nice but the wait is killing my sister.
wow, not a good start for these.  what happened to their quality assurance?   well I guess its best they found the problem before their release.   like you said though they will be worth the wait for your sister.
Nah, they just need to hire people who can speak Chinese to communicate with the factories in China.
It isn’t the cabinet that is wrong. The only thing that got messed up is the color of cone on the midrange driver.

It has slight green tint to it, but, IMHO, looks kinda cool.

Music Direct had some of these units, full warranty for $399 a pair. Pretty decent savings for a GREAT speaker. Not sure if they are still available.

I listened to these speakers Sunday at the Show in Newport Beach. To say I was impressed is a vast understatement. Combined with Audio Alchemy electronics I thought the sound could be summarized in one word: "Live". The bass was tremendous for a bookshelf and I actually found myself literally asking the familiar cliche question when listening to bookshelves with great bass i.e. "Is there a sub playing along here?". There wasn't. Now I only listened for 10 or so minutes so this is all very preliminary. But boy, they left an impression.

And I may have misheard but I believe ELAC is coming out with a powered speaker. Don't know if it will the Uni-Fi series or not. Anyway, this room got my attention for sure when listening to bookshelves. Along with Gamut bookshelves ($$$), the Redgum room, and the Ryan speakers as well.

Andrew Jones is a genius. I setup a budget system with a pair of Pioneer SP-FS52, I was very impressed at how all music sounded super awesome on it... It was more enjoyable than quite a few multi thousand dollar setups.