Elac Uni-Fi B5 + Rogue Audio Sphinx v2 = ??

Hey all,  

This is my first post here. Recently I decided to jump into the higher end audio world, so I pre-ordered a pair of Elac's, soon to be released, Uni-Fi B5 and I just acquired an Sphinx v.2. I bought the Sphinx because of the great reviews for the phono and its power rating. I do hope to upgrade the speakers eventually.

In your opinion, is this combo over kill, or should they pair well?
My sister just ordered a pair as well. Can't wait to hear them and I'm hoping she'll let me burn them in for her since it was my idea. I bet the Rogue and Elac's will sound great together. Just listening to the YouTube videos sold me on the Elac's.

Get them and burn them in for 100 hrs and if you haven't picked up any decent speaker cable I'd suggest picking up something. Check into the single shotguns from Clear Day Cables if you don't have anything. I think the 8ft pair is around $300 or less. The single for $150 might be fine on the Elac's. If interested drop Paul an email. He sells here and he'll steer you in the right direction. Kimber 4tc and others are nice too. Just don't use zip cord or some in wall cable

Congrats on your purchase and welcome.

I have the sphinx v2 and some Dali Zensor 1 speakers and I think they are a great combo I would think it would pair very well with the Elac's.
I listened with the stock JJ ecc802s tubes for a week and then replaced them with a matched pair of the reissued gold lion ecc 82 and I think that it was an improvement . I am waiting for a matched pair of e82cc mullards NOS and see what that might do
I think you will be very pleased with the sphinx and the Elac's I have bought a lot of high end gear over the years and was really happy (and surprised) by the sound of the sphinx