ELAC Speakers - Opinions?

Have the opportunity to buy the FS407's at a great price.
Liked what I heard in two different showrooms and though I admire the clarity and resolution of their Jet tweeter (basically a Heil AMT) I'm a bit concerned it might be too much of a good thing.
Using a Modwright KWI200 now, wondering what those in Audiogon-land have to say about the FS407 and ELAC in general.
The Jet Teeter is hand assembled and is out standing. With the right set up they sound pretty awesome. I have a pair of there super tweeters running with a pair of dynaudio speakers and it just to the sound to another level. I also have a small pair Elac monitors that are also outstanding but i run them with tube gear. The are usually wired with Van Den Hul cabling internally.
My limited experience is they like power so it could be a match with your amp. If you have a hesitation already about the sound of the tweeter its unlikely to sound better to you over time.
I really like Elac speakers. I currently own the FS 409s in high gloss white and have owned two other models besides those. There is a thread on this forum if you want to read up some more on them. Elac speakers really scale up well with better gear in front of them. While that can be said by most speakers, the effect is amplified (pun intended) by Elac. However, I have no idea if they will have synergy with the KW200s.