Elac music server

Can't find many opinions on Elac so want to see if anyone has some general thoughts.

Right now running Tidal and Deezer hifi services into a Marantz Sr5015 as a preamp, Heos on Android is my control.   System is getting old with Energy Veritas 1.8s, bi amped via a Citation 7.1.  I am also working my old Citation 7.0 preamp back into operation using an a/b switch to switch between the Marantz and Citation preamp.  Citation still sounds better.


So thinking about going up another level on digital source.  Have a Creek Evolution 100CD I can use as a DAC if needed and run that into the Citation.   Right now the Creek feeds the Citation as a CD.


Small market where I am but a shop I deal with over the years has the Bluesound and Elac options.  I find a lot of my time is spent looking for other music to listen to and so maybe Roon is worth trying.  I don't mind the Heos app and using tidal and Deezer sites to create album lists but perhaps Roon is worth looking at. 


So, at this point a Node2 or Elac Discovery are in consideration. Big difference is Roon vs no Roon as my Creek would be first option to try a different DAC on the Node.  USB drive plugged into either on would give me access to the 100 or so cd's I have copied.


Looking for some general thoughts on making a step in the direction of a Node2 for simple,  or go more advanced now with Roon and Elac as Roon core.