Just wondering if anyone has listened to the Elac top of the range FS609CE ?
I have listened to the Fs609 x-p1 which was their previous top line speaker before the 'crystal membrane' woofers got introduced,and whilst it was maybe a little polite in the bottom range, and quite laid back overall, I thought it was quite impressive in other ways, most notably the top end due to its jet tweeter and supertweeter.

owned their entry level one CL142, and added their JET tweeter separately on top, also heard their flagship speakers, this was before their cystal series, i sold my elac cuz lack of bass, partly due to bad acoustic in my room, despite the sound, i was most impressed by the build quality, credit to German technology.
i also listened to a bunch of other floorstander elac,but forgot their model number, just wanna say it's not easy to resell elac if you expect a big return. And if you do, go for the flagship, it's detailed and musical all together and pricy too.
I do have them.

This is one of the best speakers in the world. But Elac is a brand that almost nobody knows. This is top quality from Germany.

I did audition the B&W 803D/802D in a well known audio store but they are no match for the Elac 609 CE.

I have owned the Focal Electra 1027 BE, and Dynaudio Confidence C1 speakers too.

Elac is a match in heaven with Audio Research.

Even the 200 range from Elac is top notch.