ELAC Debut B6 speakers

I ordered these new Andrew Jones designed speakers last Saturday, the moment they became available for shipping. The reviews of the slightly smaller model, the B5, have been uniform great. I have about 10 hours on them and the sound is opening up a bit. They are not yet as detailed or coherent as my very good Dali Zensor 1's, but I will reserve judgment until they get 50-60 hours of time on them. My initial impression that I like them a lot better than the previous KEF LS50's I had and they are far easier to drive then the KEF's. There is no question about their ability to deliver a considerable bass response even with such a small enclosure. The fit and finish certainly belies their $280 cost per pair. It is very possible that Andrew Jones has set a new bar for others speaker companies to match in the realm of cost vs. performance of budget speakers. Stay tuned for a follow up report.
I've heard the B5 and B6 along with the F5. They are indeed excellent speakers especially for the money.

I'd recommend at least 100-200 hours of break-in before any critical impressions.
Danny Richie of GR Research is developing after-market cross-overs for the new ELAC speakers using premium parts. Should provide a noticeable upgrade from the budget-parts stock ones.
Great to hear the report, eager to read further detailed review on the new Elac Debut B6, especially how it handle some old classic recording, I believe it works just wonderful with state of the art recording, just want to know how forgiving and musical are these Elac Debut speakers. It would nice to know also gears and tracks that you used in review.
Thanks for the report. Nice to hear they are easier to drive than your KEF's.
What are you using to drive them?
To the questions above, I am using a Music Fidelity M3i int. amp and Neotech cables with the speakers. The music was streamed from Spotify via a Mass Fidelity Relay BT device. Yesterday., I listened to a lot of Angus Stone and Cowboy Junkies. lots of tracks with prominent bass lines. As I have ~25 hours on them now, the bass has tightened up and is much better defined. Everything has opened up, really. My experience is also that 100 hours of break in will reveal a very different speaker than one out of the box. Kind of Blue was in the rotation and Miles' horn had no stridency and the bass line was solid as a rock. Others will note that I have liked most all of the monitors I have heard in my system of the years, but the smooth extended sound of these speakers, even in their virgin state, is quite amazing, And it would be amazing if they cost the same as the LS50's, which I got bored with quickly, but they are less than a quarter of the price of the KEF's. I have been a big fan of Danny's speakers and cross-overs so his upgrade will likely be a improvement. I think ELAC is going to sell a huge number of these speakers... and then taunt us with even better speakers in the future. Andrew Jones is genius and one of the nicest guys in the business, for sure. For a lot of listeners, these will be all they need to fully enjoy their music.
Thanks- I have a pair of Sound Anchor 28" stands that are getting lonely. I thought a small system with the B5 or B6 would be enjoyable. I bet his Pioneer 22 model is very good too. The $129 monitor with the long 22-ish model #. Keep us posted on your B6's. Cheers -Don
@Whitesix: Great to hear that, I'm sure to hear also any weaknesses of these speakers?
Danny Richie has posted graphs (frequency response, waterfall plots, impedance curves) of the Elac B6 with his replacement cross-over for the speaker. You absolutely MUST take a look at them on the GR Research Audiocircle Forum. Be prepared to be astounded!
Oh, and Andrew Jones joins Danny for a discussion of the design the B6, cost vs. benefit ratio of parts etc., and Andrew's comments on Danny's mod to the speaker. Very interesting, even if you are not thinking of buying a pair.
That is a great thread over on Audiocircle!
"That is a great thread over on Audiocircle!"

Does anyone know if/how the Elac SUB app for their Debut "EQ" subs work on multiple subs? I plan to buy two S10EQ's but want to determine how the app treats more than one sub. Does it work on them simulataneously if you make changes after they are set up? Do all of the settings need to be the same for both subs?

Hi Audiofiliac

When I called Music Direct about the Debut B6 speakers they told me about the demo they had with the ELAC people. They used the app with just one subwoofer. They didn't mention using it with 2. You may have to call ELAC to be sure.