ELAC B6 Best budget Amp match.

Hi. I am trying to put a system for my 20 year old in Cuba. Last year I got the NAD 3020 amp and the Hi-fi man 400 headphones. He is very into music listening this days and on his own he had experienced the difference we all noticed on the variety of formats.
I just purchased a pair of ELAC B6. But I am concerned now that the NAD little Amp will not drive them properly.
If this is the case I need help solving this issue guys. 
Can't afford to bring a 30 pounds pair of monitors that will not work.
Your opinion and advice highly appreciated.
Happy holidays to you all.
Keep the music playing...
Hey, mountainsong,

You didn't mention a budget and the NAD will probably do a fine job but if your looking for suggestions you might want to check out the Arcam FMJ A19. It is an outstanding integrated amp; great tone, transparent and even. It has great drive and punch. The build quality and functionality is fantastic. I have enjoyed mine for three years now and it is are driving a pair of Bowers and Wilkins 683 S2s at this time.

Merry Christmas,

The need to replace amp will depend on room size and loudness level desired. Ask your 20 year old these questions. The NAD may work out just fine. 
Thank you guys. The NAD it might work. His space it is not very big. He listens to moderate volume. The Arcam sounds interesting but it is just another airport dilema and expense.
Merry Christmas.