ELac B6 2.0 at Axpona 2018

One of my favorite sound at Axpona 2018, this speakers just sound really good...huge soundstage, nice vocal, musically dynamic and more for $299 , $20 more than the original, more bass too.Andrew Jones is genius, He does it again....
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I agree, they sounded great.  The Elac B6.2s and the Hsu CCB-8s both wowed me with the sound quality you can get for an extremely low price.  

Andrew was demoing the B6.2s with the Elac Element integrated which is an awesome little piece of tech, built-in room correction (which really helped them shine in that hotel room) plus built-in bass management and auto-sub blending if you want to add even more low-end impact.

Hsu was showing off what's essentially their Hybrid 1 package with two CCB-8s and a VTF-1 Mk3 sub powered by a cheap Onkyo receiver and a Sony Blu-Ray player as the source, and it sounded great, all-in for for a total system for less than $1,500.  
Tutetubeimpress , yes that Elac room in terms of musicality, it will beat 70% of the set up of the show.Its really involving.