EL34 tube recommendations

Looking for EL34 tube replacement for Cary V12i amp. Currently using JJ's (Tesla's). Any suggestions ...would love Mullards but cost is probably prohibitive since I would need 12. Any other suggestions or experiences. Thanks!!
For a somewhat less bright sound than the Tesla's you might try the Svetlana's (C logo) for new production tubes these are my favorites and they are inexpensive.
You might pay a bit more going to retalier butwon't have towrroy about time on tubes or whether or not it's a fake by calling Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio.He might have some old new stock like french Mazda or something other than Telefunken or Mullard.Recitfiers/inputs is what I have done for a few amps in NOS because of longer life but a popular output tube like an EL34 (I still miss my CJ that ran them) was cost prohibitve with me.Might email Cary as well as Manufaturers have certain ones they reccomend.Bel Canton told me to get a 12ax7 that was as specific (CCA Thunderbird) if I was going to use NOS so they might put in worthwhile 2 cents.But Deal has helped a buddy of mine in California and treated him right on return trips with prefference pricing.
Are you using the JJ Blue tube or the clear. I have found that the JJ Blue is a mellower tube with better bass extension. I have also heard that the Svetlana C is a reproduction/copy of the Mullard. I would stay away from NOS power tubes not only because of price but differential wear which will mean some tubes will only put out very marginal power and die quickly. On top of that the price has given rise to countless counterfeits.
Go to www.audioasylum.com and look in the tube asylum. Do a search for EL34 and you will find much more information that you want. This has really been discussed to death. For current production tubes the favorites seem to be JJ and Svetlana. Like you, I can't afford NOS Mullards. I am using JJ E34L and am quite happy with them. A good source for the JJ E34L is Bob at Eurotubes.com.