EL34's on ASL Hurricanes??

Any experience with using EL34's on ASL Hurricanes -- have heard that this is an option. I am aware the 6550C's and KT88's can be used -- I am using 6550C's and am looking for warmer, more bloomy mids/lower treble (also using Accuphase 75v cdp direct into th Hurricanes and Coincident Total Victory's). Any experiences out there? Also, any experiences on the best 6Sn7's to use with the Hurricanes? Thanks!!
First you could see about changing out the input stage tubes as this will be a lot cheaper and might get you the desired results.

Borrow a tube preamp (Conrad Johnson (older one for the sound your looking for) Audible Illusions L1, etc) first.

If you have silver interconnects or speaker cable pull that out and try something else.

Try vibrapods underneath your CDP or some other sorbothane isolation or remove points if you are using them.

I used both EL34's and 6550 in my Music Reference RM9 and I can say I really appreciated the bass control and the treble extension that 6550's afforded my system. Also I switched to an Audible Illusions L1 preamp from a solid state preamp.
Definetly get NOS 6sn7's. It makes a big difference. I swapped mine out for Sylvania's.