EL34 quad for LM Audio 211

Driving a pair of Spendor 3/5 R's w/ the LM. A very enjoyable combination btw. The Genalex KT-77 seems to have earned a good following lately. I want to play to the strength of my speakers, which is the midrange. Using new production Mullard/Tungsol for (12ax7/12au7)input tubes. Cheers -Don
Not sure why I didn't say it in my OP, but I am also considering SED "Winged" C EL34's. There seems to be almost universal praise for the SED. Cheers -Don
VTV (Vacuum Tube Valley) did a shoot out a while back...google it or might be on audio asylum. I cannot remember where I read it. Might be useful.
I love the sound of my Genalex reissue KT77s. Full-bodied and warm, very good detail and dynamics. Plus long life and readily available.
Greatly appreciate the suggestions. When I do EL34 search, many seem to prefer the SED. I bet the Genalex KT77 is a winner as well. I can't give a solid reason, but my gut tells me to go SED. Maybe I will check with Upscale, and see what Kevin thinks. I think he sells both.