El34 = KT88 = KT120

Sure the KT120 is 2x;'s the size of a EL34.
But in my limited expereince ((thus far,,have 1 more experiement just ahead when my new speakers arrive and I build the cabinet, then further testing of the 3 types can begin) 
You get something nice of one tube vs the other 2, and another of he 3 shines better here, the last is slightly superior in this/that aspect.
6 of 1 /half dozen of the other.
I mean it all boils down  gain here, and give up something there.

Power  tube = power tube. 
I would not make such a  big deal over the comparisons. 
Thats said.
I think for me , i prefer the EL34 of all power tubes (as I've been told its the best of the 3) , Why?
Because its the ideal tube in a  PP amp for a  single wide band speaker. 
But i could be wrong, 
Will test out the 3 tubes in a few weeks. 
I actually could not hear much differences on the Seas speakers. All 3 sounded so very close. 
You might say the Kt120's out shoot the tiny EL34 in the  low bass fq's. 
I have Mundorf caps in the amp, these high end caps  adds a  nice punchy bass to any tube in the socket. 
The EL34 has just about same bass as the huge KT120's. 
I just don't see much difference  to debate the issue. 

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Look all I am saying is the Dybaco ST70.EL34 , Allen Organ Monos /KT120s, sounded darn close to the Defy KT88. Thats all I am saying,
Nothing to get all uptight about.
Its just a opinion.
Look, tell you what, When the high sens speaker arrives and i set up some sort of cabinet, I;ll get the other 2 amps back and we;’ll do some shootout., figure out if my above opinion , ain;’t worth even 2 cents.
Fair shake?

((off to the side whisper,,,I am really convinced the sonic will be mininsule contrast = power tube = power tube)

Apologies  to anyone whose apple cart I may have  bumped over,,,,...We really should not hold stiff doctrines in this hobby. 

Doctrines keep one from learning, , blocks new truths/experiences. it really does, The Dogmas.

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07-07-2021 2:39am
Hello mozartfan. Be sure that the tubes are biased properly. The proper bias may differ for the different tubes. In general, the tube working the least hard will last longer. So the KT120s should outlast the others. If the price of the tubes is not a factor, go with the KT120s if the sound is good. Bob Carver is using KT120 in his amps and he runs them so cool you can put your hand on them. A remarkable tube! Enjoy the music!

Yes My tech geek perfers the KT120;s IF the amp can't handle the tube. 
Pity most amps are designed around 1 particular tube. 
Yes I plan to bias a  new set of KT88's even lower than now, My tech geek refuses, but its my amp, . 
I want to get more life out the tubes , X12 tubes, After the Thor upgarde disaster I'm really cheap now. Penny pinching + after all the chinese wide bands I've been testing out, Worth the experiement./ 

You know folks can try to explain how a  wide band works, sounds, but until  you acutally get one working in your sysytem, one is completely in the dark. 
~~~All audiophiles MUST have at least 1 pair of wide bands in the system , ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The sooner the better. 
$200-$400 bucks, thats all to start the testing. 
Then  dump them at 1/2 paid on ebay. 
This is the ONLY way you know how your xover speaker REALLY sounds. 
Otherwise you are in the fog. 
ticat23 posts07-07-2021 3:46pmFWIW, I currently use an upgraded (volume pot, Mundorf caps, Takman resistors, custom chassis etc...)  Elekit TU 8340VK PP amp (with a semi auto bias feature, easy and accurate) . My recent experience is that in the past year, I have used New EH EL 34, New Gold Lion KT 77 and New KT 88 matched tube sets. Each pairing has a separate and distinct sound... all were good, but different. The choice is yours but there was a choice to be made. I stayed with the KT 77.

BTW, I agree with the potential of the Wide Band concept, it is difficult to execute properly though. I currently use an auto-former modified electrostatic system but have started a Wide Band project, that will incorporate Cube Audio WB drivers and transmission line cabinets.

The Truth is Out There....


we ;ve got another 
Mundorf + Takman  fan here. 

I love both labs components. . 
I  wnted to installa  Acoustic Dimensions 47 step vol pot on the Jadis DPL, but tech geek says, no go, won;'t fit,,,
Big loss there.

I tried the GL KT88's. sounded a  bit  muddy to me, 
Another guy on Audiokharma  says he also did not care for the GL, Alot of  folks love them. I am a  EHKT88 guy I am running Svetlana 6550s (same exact tube as a  KT88) So next set will be EH KT88's.

I wish i could go KT77 (=EL34?) but Defy is not flexible. 

I may end up buying my tech geek's modded Dynaco ST70/EL34. 

El34 = KT88 = KT120

I hope you are kidding … if not, go see a specialist.

Miniscle nuances, 
= same