el34 cryo'd tubes

Using EL34 Svetlanas,which work well,but wondering if any have tried a current production Quad of el34s with a cry'o treatment. Toying with the idea of trying a cryo'd Quad but thought I would ask first to see if its really worth it or not. Using Thor TPA 30 watt monos with Svetlana el34s at this time.
Thanks to all !!!!

Due to Svetlana USA "possibly" labeling various EL34's (ones produced by different factories and perhaps even different companies) with the Svetlana namesake (this info comes from various user/owner posts on the WWW) feedback on "Svetlana" EL34's is going to be a bit confusing from now on, granted that this info is correct.

Forget the location of the original Svetlana Factory (St. Petersburg maybe)?

Anyway, it would be best to confirm what the tubes being compared actually are, otherwise you may end up comparing Sovtek/Reflector or whoever it is who produces EL34's in Russia to the original Svet EL34's.

Sorry no knowledge of cryo treatment, though I was impressed with the sound of the stock Svet EL34's being sold approx. 3 years ago (similar tonal balance to Mullard XF1's and XF2's in a Jolida 302). Think the tubes we tried may have had a "C" in a circle or something like that on them (unless I am confusing them with the Svet 300B's I once used). I have a lousy visual memory.
Dekay: Thanks good point. I am generaly very happy with the Svetlanas I am presently using but have seen Tube World praising there EL 34 Svets' cro'd (at $165 a quad) and have been tempted,but haven't heard quite enough feedback yet...
Thanks again Thorman

I just refreshed my memory (WWW search:-) and yes, the original Svet's had a "C" logo. Triode Electronics sells the original "C" tubes (no longer branded "Svetlana") for $60/matched quad. From what else I have read people are having cables cryo'd for as little as $10/lb.

If curious and the $165 is an obstacle perhaps see if a less expensive tube dealer (such as Triode) will forward your purchase directly to a cryo facility with the tubes then being returned to you following treatment?

You may not save much, if any, on S/H, but less time/distance in transit is always desirable with larger tubes.

Kind of OT, but for $165 if my amp did not require closely matched output tubes (most do not) I would put together a good used quad of Mullard XF1's or XF2's from Ebay. Great sound and if they are 90% test, or so, they should last for many years in some circuits.

There is another tube dealer Jim McShane (sp) with a vintage Harmon Kardon site who I think may now offer cryo service @ reasonable prices (not certain though) and maybe even Triode offers such (have not really looked into cryo much).
Dekay Thanks, good info ,gives me something to think about.

I would like to mention that I was no in no way disrespecting Tube World. I have never done business with them, but if this is Brendon/Brandon's (sp) business, then he comes highly recommended by people I know (& no I did not receive an email from them in regard to my above posts:-).

In context, when I was away from our home "far" too often working (been off work four years now) I would not have blinked an eye @ an $80, or so, "taking care of the details" charge as everything takes time (time is money when operating as business), plus I could easily afford it then.

I was just noting that there are usually less expensive alternatives to those who prefer doing the grunt work themselves, which is pretty much a universal concept.

Of course, in the context of this thread, the responsibility of finding a reputable cryo facility (if not going through a dealer -w- a guarantee), would be up to the individual and hopefully the tubes would not end up being placed between layers of "Hungry Man" TV dinners.
Dekay: I agree. I had'nt actually thought of buying a quad and sending them out to be treated,which is a good point you brought up. My cables are from Ridge Street Audio and he does cryo tubes.His prices are reasonable also very reliable too ,so I guess maybe i'll check that option out first.. Thanks