EL34 & 6L6 characteristics

I finally got my garage sale tubes tested out , thanks bigshutterbug !
I rolled in some EH 6L6's in place of my EH EL34's to compare . About as close to apples-to-apples as I can get .

I am asking if there is a tube that combines the characteristics of these two tubes ?
I like the warmth , body and bass of the EL34's and the top end , detail and air of the 6L6's . Is there something that would have all of these characteristics in one tube ?
Yes , I want it all !

Thank you
We've gotten the best feedback from our customers on the Amperex Bugle Boy 7316. One of the best 12AU7 types out there.
I own 3 7316 tubes that test very good. Be prepared to spend it money for one but they are nice
I wanted to update this tube rolling adventure .
What started out as a power tube rolling experiment mushroomed into a full blown power , input and driver roll .
Quite educational and grueling !
I tried the Cifte's as input tubes , thinking that I wanted to only increase the top end characteristics of the BT 6CA7's , they did not work out . They did what they were purported to do but at the expense of some other characteristics .
I tried the Amperex longplate 12Au7 with foil 'D' getter and found them to be a bit flat and unexciting ! I am a little puzzled and disappointed by these results . They did all of the other things quite well . This was with the PL 12AU7 as drivers , which I find to be a nice neutral tube . These PL's are the only drivers that did not seem to add or subtract from what the input tubes brought to the table.
I then switched out the four PL drivers for 7316's . Things were much better but still a little muffled with a slight loss of air .
In went the 7316's as inputs and here is what I was looking for ! Air , detail , separation , delineation of voices , sparkle and the all important musicality . I then put a pair of 7316's as drivers with the previous PL 12AU7's and this gave me just enough additional warmth to complete the mixture !
So the final mix in my Primaluna Dialogue Premium integrated amp playing through my Reference 3a Di Capo I speakers is Black Treasure 6CA7 power tubes , 7316's in the input section and two 7316's combined with two PL 12AU7's in the driver section .
I would like to give a big THANK YOU to my tube monger and friend Bigshutterbug . He loaned me a myriad of small tubes to experiment with . Very generous with his time and inventory . Others here have also offered their expertise that is very much appreciated as well . Thanks to all !
So as not to duplicate things , the first part of my small tube adventure can be found here

http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?aamps&1430370680&&&/Primaluna-Rolling-pre-tubes-question- .

If anyone can make the jump to this thread easier , please do so .

I provide this as a helpful 'starting' point for others . This is my equipment , my ears , my tastes and my room . Others , young & old , have heard this set up and liked it but still others may not .
Good luck
I bet those Amperex 7316 cost a bundle. Where did you get them? I have 3 very good tested ones.