EL34 & 6L6 characteristics

I finally got my garage sale tubes tested out , thanks bigshutterbug !
I rolled in some EH 6L6's in place of my EH EL34's to compare . About as close to apples-to-apples as I can get .

I am asking if there is a tube that combines the characteristics of these two tubes ?
I like the warmth , body and bass of the EL34's and the top end , detail and air of the 6L6's . Is there something that would have all of these characteristics in one tube ?
Yes , I want it all !

Thank you
Cifte is a good tube very much a tube with very good highs. Do you use this tube? Are you looking for a pair?
I use PL mono amps in one system. There are definitely a lot of shadings possible when tube rolling the PL amps, so I understand the desire to find that optimal trade-off. I'm not sure that it's possible, but I ended up settling on Tung-sol KT-66 tubes in my system. Not quite as warm as EL 34, but the bass is tightened up a bit. The sound struck me as slightly warmer than the kt-88, so I felt that this was the best trade-off for my taste.

Ryriken66 ;
I just ordered a pair yesterday .

Martykl ;
What are you using for a preamp ? If it has tubes , what are they ?
I have two tube pre amps, a VTL 5.5 and a custom TomCat Audio, that uses all 12au7 5816 or 7316. My VTL uses only 12ax7 and 12at7. I have plenty old good tested tubes. Use a B&K 700 tube tester.
For 12au7 using Westinghouse 1959 BP , Amperex 12au7 1956 foil D getter, a Sylvania 5814a from 1955, have you tryed 5814? I have some 5 star I think GE or RCA. This is with my TC pre, I use Mullard too.