El Dorado speaker cable

Has anyone actually tried using el dorado as speaker cable? I have seen a number of threads on this subject but nothing conclusive.

I understand the design parameters for successful speaker and power cables are similar and this could be an avenue to explore. I've already using valhalla interconnects fitted with eichmann bullet plugs however the cost of the matching speaker cables is daunting. Unfortunately these don't crop up often on the 2nd hand market so I need to find an alternative.
I believe that the El Dorado is composed of two Quattro Fil interconnect cables. At least that is what i have heard. Funny, Nordost never produced a Quattro Fil speaker cable. It may have been an intermediate step to Valhalla. Have you looked into used SPM speaker cables?
No, I can't say that I'd given the spms any thought. I've used a the majority of the Nordost range and only really like the monafilament insulated models.
Interesting comment on the monofilament cable preference. The Valhalla interconnect is the monofilament, and the Valahalla speaker cable is a flat wire. SPM is all flat wire. Has Nordost ever produced monofilament speaker cable?
Even though the Valhalla speaker cable is flat, it still is
I have made both interconnects and speaker cable from the Eldorado cords and must say that the performance is very,very good.I first remove the outer jacket and shields before recovering with a high quality shrink wrap.I know exactly how the cable is constructed if you want to try DIY.