El Chupacabra Cables, silver interconnects

Anyone tried/has them?
They compare them to Kimber Silver Streak
Input appreciated
Ed :-)
The only Chupacabra I know is the legendary goat monster in Mexico that sucks the blood from its victims. I can't imagine anyone naming an interconnect that. It's hard enough for me to live with interconnects named Chinchilla.(LOL)
An X-Files fan out there manufacturing cables now?
I want to believe...
Sounds akward, why name a silver interconect like that, sound like a joke, also the prices are quite low too.
Thats why I asked input in here
Go here , click on Video, and then the Jimmy Kimmel Live video. There, you'll find out more about this mysterious Chupacabra.
Chupacabra is from Puerto Rico, not Mexico.
Yes, but there have been recent sightings in Mexico.
Yo quiero chupacabra.
Cuidado,Evita. Le quiere tu sangre. (~:
SRR! Sherod.
evita, it's not El chalupacabra :-)
ChalupaCabra, mmmmm. Delicioso con Cholula!

Evita, what does SRR mean?
Distortion I ate Chalupa todo dia,si muy delicioso.
Sto Riendo Ruidosamente...LOL!
Compound name:
CHUPA = to suck (as from a straw or a nipple)
CABRA = a calf

Evita, recommend a change to: ERR. (Estoy Riendo Ruidosamente)

Per Google, the “dreaded beast” has also been spotted in Michigan...so no one’s safe!

Frankly, considering the plethora of absurd names currently gracing interconnects and power cables, this moniker is rather attractive. The only danger in purchasing may be the fact that you may be labelled an illegal immigrant and deported.