EL 34s for Cayin A 50T Integrated Amp

I am thinking of changing out the stock tubes (The EL34s) in my Cayin tube amplifier, but don't know what brands to look for. I mainly play rock and I am looking to improve my base and possibly the level of detail as well. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!
SED Winged =C= EL-34.
Very good balance from top to bottom.
I second the SED =C= that Olimpico mentioned. Well balanced, "real" sounding, textured tube, with very good dynamics.
The 6CA7 by electro harmonix. A really nice tube for rock.
I saw a set of 4 Sveltlanas but they are not the "Winged C" that people are talking about. Are they good as well or is the difference night and day when compared to the "Winged C's? Also, the electro harmonix that you are referring to replaces the small tubes in the Cayin?
Where can you get a quad of those ? Thinking about trying them on my Dialogue II.
You might also try the KT77 tube. It's a replacemnt for the EL34. They have better bass but not quite the romantic midrange of an EL34.

Audiogabby, I'm using Genalex KT66's in my Dialogue II to great effect. These tubes have great drive and amazing bass.

Where did you get yours ?
I tried 2 sets of Svetlana EL-34 tubes and each set lasted 3-4 weeks. Regardless of how they sound, I will never buy them again.
In my system, winged C tubes last about a year and sound great. I have been using them for more than 10 years and I like them a lot.
If I want to change the sound, I buy EH. They last little less than a year.
I don't have your amp so take this for what it is worthbut if the SED El34s are like their KT88s I'd strongly recommend them. If Imay something else you might want to consider is getting some NOS tubes for the front end. Again my amp uses diffferent tubes than yours but I recently got some Tung-sols (6sn7, 6sl7) , anamazing difference in themusic you hear. Just some thoughts, good luck
I saw a quad of the EL34 sveltlana's on ebay. They were about $59? One last question, does anybody no about EL34 Mullards? They are selling them on Ebay too.
To answer your question, I purchased the KT66's from TubeDepot.

I'm happy with the EH 6CA7s. They replaced the EH EL34s which is quite good too.