EL-34 tubes in Rogue M-150 amps

I am considering rolling some EL-34 output tubes into my M-150's monos. I would appreciate Rogue owners opinion of the EL-34 in these amps and any suggestions regarding which brand of tube to use. Currently using the Golden Lion KT-88 reissues which sound very good but as always I am curious about how something different will sound. Thanks
It has been a few years since I ran Rogue mono's, but i really enjoyed SED Winged C EL34, well balanced throughout the spectrum; solid bass, harmoniuous but not overly romantic mids and nicely extended highs. At the time it seemed to be the most natural that I used, as EL-34 in general seemed a little bit romantic for my tastes.
When I had M 150s I had one set of cryoed Electro Harmonix EL 34s & KT 88s. I found the EL 34s wonderful for small intimate recordings, but much of my music is larger scale. Definitely run them balanced
I have Quicksilver V4 monoblocks with KT88's which also sound great. I lso have wondered how making the change to EL34's would be. Any more information would be appreciated. Thanks. I run them with Von Schweikert VR4jr's.
Stay with the KT88 on the Quicksilver; EL34s quenched my joy of listening to the V4s. No offense to Sonic Frontier (power series) and Audio Research, the V4s are the best sounding KT88 amps I've heard to date.