EL 34 tubes

Looking for EL 34 tubes for a Leben amplifier.  Not ready to spend the dollars needed for NOS.  Any suggestions on currently produced options for EL 34?

i have had poor luck w JJ EL34’s in the past in both sound quality (harsh treble and mids) as well poor reliability ... but others seem to have better experiences more recently
KT77 will give you a uniform top to bottom sonic presentation. They are very transparent. I found to be to be light in the mid and upper bass. 7581A is in the 6L6 family and has a beefier bass sound and is tonally more dense. Have fun!
I used Sophia EL34's in an AVA "Ultravalve" and thought they sounded great, at least compared to the stock tubes.
I'm using a pair of Sophia Electric EL34 ST tubes in my Auris Nirvana headphone tube amp with excellent results compared to the stock Electro-Harmonix tubes.  I also tried the GL KT77 tubes in the same amp but they were not nearly as good as the Sophia Electric EL34.