EL 34 tubes

Looking for EL 34 tubes for a Leben amplifier.  Not ready to spend the dollars needed for NOS.  Any suggestions on currently produced options for EL 34?
I like my Gold Lion KT88s, I'm going to try the EL-34s next time I need some.
Definitely try TS el34b, great top end and rich mids. Also GL KT77 if they’ll work in your amp. 
I think there is an amplifier or tube-related Forum where you might get a response from persons more obsessed with amplifier tubes.  EL34s are power output tubes, not used in phono circuits.  And, as you can see, it will be a matter of opinion.
Gold Lion KT-77's, a replacement for the EL-34. More lively, dynamic, and transparent than standard EL-34's. 

I've had good luck with Mullard EL-34's  in my Jolida JD-1000a. for years.  They have good longevity, a nice price  and sound very good.
+1 @lowrider57  The Gold Lion KT77 is the best modern EL34 variant by far to my ears.
RM9 MK2...very nice. Do you know what power tubes Roger voiced this amp with?

Siemens EL34's.  Hard to come by these days without spending big bucks.  
agree w others here who have mentioned new production russian ’reissue’ gold lion kt77 and mullard/tungsol el34’s are the best of the lot

as with most tubes, they need some burn in time to settle into their true sound character
Langrex has some Winged C Svetlana tubes that are sold as quad matched pair and sound good. I ran these in my Air Tight amps with great success. I would also second the Gold Lion KT77. Jeff Day at a positive feedback likes the Sophia EL34s in his Leben but they are pricey.

Word is that the 6L6 might be interesting too, assuming you have a CS600.

i have had poor luck w JJ EL34’s in the past in both sound quality (harsh treble and mids) as well poor reliability ... but others seem to have better experiences more recently
KT77 will give you a uniform top to bottom sonic presentation. They are very transparent. I found to be to be light in the mid and upper bass. 7581A is in the 6L6 family and has a beefier bass sound and is tonally more dense. Have fun!
I used Sophia EL34's in an AVA "Ultravalve" and thought they sounded great, at least compared to the stock tubes.
I'm using a pair of Sophia Electric EL34 ST tubes in my Auris Nirvana headphone tube amp with excellent results compared to the stock Electro-Harmonix tubes.  I also tried the GL KT77 tubes in the same amp but they were not nearly as good as the Sophia Electric EL34.
I had a customer just order a pair of Sophia EL34 for a Lampizator DAC and was raving about them.  Seems like they are delivering a pretty good tube.  
another vote for RAM in a RM-9

probably the highest precision match set you will find on the planet, Roger was a genius... RIP