EL 34 tubes

I have recently purchased a Music Research RM9 MKII. I would like to find out what brand of EL34's is working best for this amp. Currently I have Siemans in it now and I don't know how many hours are on these tubes. When I turn the unit on there is sound coming out of the right channel until the tubes warm up. The unit plays perfect after warm up. Thanks Richard
It may be a tube,and not just an output tube.the6922 driver tubes factor in as well. Check your bias.The front push button,hold down and turn the trim pot so as there is no noise.The backs so the light burns med;not its brightest,nor dimest.The front so no sound when depressing the buttons or when you let go.I prefer the GE 6550.It came with a wooden screw driver,so you don't damage the trim pots,be careful if you use a metal one,(light pressure) You got a great amp,enjoy!
Thank you George. I purchased this amp with a manual that has yet to come. Now to be sure I understand about the adjustment, the buttons on the front are depressed and the adjustment is made so as not to have a noise. There are lights as well, when you make the adjustment what should the lights be doing? By the way, I'm running Mullard gold pins from Holland (matched) and Mullard RCA's. Siemans EL34's. I use a TT as my source. SP 9 modified by Great Northern sound. Currently using Linn Tucans and soon to change to Merlin TSM se's. Cardas innerconnect( Golden Ref.) Any thoughts on my choice of the Merlins? Thanks Richard [email protected]
Sorry Rich,here is more detail on the driver adj.The light goes out, then continue to fine tune for no noise when you depress,or release the button when you're finished.Love the tube choice.I had the stock RM 34's.When I went to the 6550's (one tube blew early) BIG jump top to bottom.Oh,keep some fuses on hand.I have heard good stuff on the Merlin choice,but never heard them. The pre.-Had AR 9. Not sure what the mod did for yours,but Never had,or heard, anything good to say about AR,(products under $2500.)You can find this out as you move up.From AR9,went to Encore,2010,they gave me 10000 trade in;when I got home I thought I had commited ROBBERY Have since gone to Joule Electra. All with same amp,and speakers.If your manual don't come,I can fax mine to you.