EL 34's in Cary SLI-80

Hi, have any of you tried EL34's in Cary SLI-80? I've tried 6550 and KT88's, both in triode mode usually, and am pretty happy with the KT88's, but I'm wondering if I can get closer to SET sound with EL34's in triode mode. Speakers are Silverline Sonatina II 93db 8 ohm, probably ok with the lower power.
I have the Cary and Sonatina combo, and enjoy the the EL34 sound. Besides for $45 a quad it is a fairly inexpensive experiment.

Well, I've got the EL34's in my Cary SLI-80 now driving Silverline Sonatina II's. It's working out quite well, even in triode mode. They have a very natural, graceful sound. I'll probably switch back to the KT88's occasionally, just for fun.