EL 34 based amplifier recommendations

My favorite flavor in power tubes apprears to be the EL34. Any suggestions on a reasonably priced amplifier ($3K used) which would fit the bill? Speakers are Coincident Total Eclipse. Room is large --probably need 100- 150 wpc. Any suggestions? Thanks
As I recall from long ago, EL34's were used in amps of 40 watts or less. (I had a 35 wpc Eico that used them). If you want 150 watts, I think you are into multiple pairs of KT-88, or the like.
I would look at the Cary CAD 280SA(V12, V12i or V12r versions) they are 100 watts per channel and use 6 pairs of EL 34 output tubes. A visually beautiful and sounding amplifier .
the one and only marantz 8b or the new variation of this classic by vac....both are superb.
The Music Reference RM-9 would be my choice in that power range...
I second Gnsc's recommendation. If I'm not mistaken,I believe it can take KT-88, KT-90, 6550 and EL-34s. Eight total tubes used for output of 100 watts or a bit more depending on tubes used . There is a RM-9 for sale now in the classifieds. You could probably find more info on the Ram Labs. website. Good luck!
The Music Reference RM9 is a great choice. It will be a little easier to retube than the Cary.But I would have a tough time choosing between it and the Cary minus the retubing cost.Both are terrific tube amplifiers!

Good Luck!
Conrad Johnson Premier 5 monoblocks would fit the bill nicely. The Vulcan (if you can find one) is another great choice.

VAC PA-90 C or D's
VAC PA-160
could also be kept in mind.
VTL MB 125 monoblocks are real gems.... 4 x EL-34 per channel at 125 wpc in tetrode AND a switch for about 55wpc in triode at your "beck and call". New list is $3500, typical used A'gon price at about half that. Reliable and excellent sounding amps. P.S, I love the El - 34's too... Good luck.
Care to tell us your source and pre?
I've been using a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 with a few "custom upgrades" (done at the factory when I ordered it) equivalent to the most recent "Special Edition" (upgraded caps, gold tube sockets, Valvo tubes,a few other things, and I had the internal wiring done with all Harmonic Tech pure silver since I'm using their cables and IC's -Pro 9 bi-wire and Pro- Silway Mk 2). For source I've been using a venerable combination from awhile ago : the Counterpoint DA-11 and DA-10 transport and processor combination with a couple of jitter reduction boxes in between (both an Audio Alchemy DTI w/ upgraded power supply and a Theta digital). I've had the processor recently upgraded from Alta Vista Audio (Michael Elliott is the original designer who still services and upgrades the Counterpoint products). I simply put in a new 24bit 96 khz chip... Until recently I've also been using a Sota Saphire deluxe series 3 turntable with a benz glider but that's temporarily "back burnered" for the moment awaiting a new cartridge... This is all fed through an MIT Z systems "Z Center" except for the amps which plug straight to the wall. I'm using Custom Power Cord Co. Model 11 power cords on the VTL's. I also judiciously integrate my REL Stadium 2 sub to varying degrees with different recordings. I also picked up a cheap introduction to SACD with a Sony SCD CE775 player just to get a taste of it. Anyway, happy listening.
I am using an Accuphase dp75v cdp and a proto tube preamp (cannot list name per manufacturer but it is quite good.....similar in sound to the Wyetech Opal). Thanks!
Try the amps made by Quicksilver Audio ( V4's, Silver Mono 60's ) Mike Sander's manufactures very simple, but very excellent amps. His amps are hand wired ( point to point ). If you buy a pair of V4's you will never look back. Well unless of course you win the lottery, and want to spend money foolishly :)
Music Reference RM-9 is your best bet on EL34 based amp. This amp is rated 100 Watt/channel. Great transformers and nice open relax sound.