EKCO EV55SE & Vandersteens

I've been looking at tube integrated amps to drive my Vandersteens. I've been looking at Rogue to keep costs around $2K like a Cronus Magnum or even a Cronus. My friend mentioned the EKCO and I never heard of it. I did a google search and found only one review. It's a Brit tube integrated with 55W ultralinear and good bass and should handle my Vandersteens, no phono but I can jack my YBA preamp into one of the inputs. It uses KT-88's for power, am I better off with the Rogue for tube rolling, EL 34, KT 77 or KT 90. No hurry to but it's my first exploration into tubes so I want to weigh my options carefully.
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I have the ekco it is very sweet sounding amp,
You can switch between ultra linear for more grunt or triode which I prefer for a sweeter sound.
I run usher be 718 dmd's it's a magical combo.
which vandersteens? i'm auditioning the cronus magnum/vandersteen 2ce sig II combo this week. i hadn't really considered the ekco, but was considering the eastern electric m88. my main problem, though, is my need to audition it to make sure i like it before i buy it. my speakers are in a fairly large room, so i have concerns that i may need more watts than the ekco or EE offer for driving the vandersteen 2's. and i'm looking to reduce my box count and like that the rogue had a phonostage and headphone amp built in. if it's your first exploration into tubes, you might want to buy something with local dealer support and the ability to audition it first. i am a tube newb, and find myself feeling that way. there's no substitute for hearing something yourself. for what it's worth, it did seem telling that the fellow who reviewed the ekco for stereomojo, the fellow who makes vapor audio speakers, bought it. if you have the vandersteen 1c's, i would imagine you'd have no problems driving them even in triode mode.
I don't know about the Ekco amp, but I gotta tell ya' ...... my Rogue Cronus and my Vandersteen 1C's are PERFECT together. After three years using the original Svetlana EL-34's, I switched to Genelex Gold Lion KT-77's. The music is absolutely wonderful. Rogue Audio and Vandersteen are a mighty fine match.
Finally heard the Cronus Magnum with the Vandersteen 2's and bought the Rogue. They go very well together, Adam. :)