Has anybody heard the Eire speaker made by Shamrock Audio.
Would like to hear from anybody that has these speakers and info on integrated amps that would best mate with them.
P.S. These are real see: http://www.shamrockaudio.com/and
I have owned these speakers for about a year and am extremely satisfied. I drive them with 30w of mono-block tube power with output impedence set at 8 ohms.. They are easy to drive, so there are many amplifier options. For me, its an extremely well balanced speaker that is real easy to live with. When I was shopping for speakers I was looking for the best female and male vocal representation I could buy for my money and stumbled across the Eires and got more than I expected... They have a really smooth tweeter and bass extension beyond that of any other stand mounted speakers I have listened to...They work with all types of music,.. in my home: 30% jazz, 30% blues, 20% folk, 20% classical....I can go on, but the three reviews on the Shamrock Audio website sum things up well. One more thing,.. these speakers are really made well... they look good, they are solid, and Mike McCall doesn't ship them unless they are perfect... If you happen to live near DC you can stop by my place and listen to them... if not, Shamrock Audio gives you 30 days to ship them back if not satisfied. Good luck..
thanks for the responce. I'd be interested in knowing what other speaker you listen to before buying the EIREs. Where there any close second place speakers. What amp are you using?
I listened to the Sonus Faber Electa Amators, Merlin TSM, Harbeth Compact 7.... all great speakers.. except for bass, can't say that Eires were outright winners in any particular category of my speaker evaluation , but they are damn good from top to bottom.. no real weaknesses... I ordered a pair, played the heck out of them for a month and never sent them back...I like things simple and balanced...they work well for me... I am running my Eires with Granite Audio 860 monoblocks using KT88 tubes; no preamp; Meridian 508.24 as the source; Synergistic Research 2/3 shotgun speaker cables... good luck..have fun