Einstein The Tube Preamp, Need A Favor From Fellow Owner

I know, its a odd request:  I need to ship my Einstein "The Tube" preamp back to Germany for service, but I have misplaced the removable grill that protects the back two rows of tubes.  I need the grill for safe shipping.  Is anyone who owns this preamp willing to loan me the grill (and fastener screws)?  Shouldn't be gone for more than six weeks, and I will of course pay for shipping to/from me (in New York City), and I'll throw in real nice bottles of red and white for your troubles.  Would be greatly appreciated.  
Just go to a hobby store (Michaels) and buy a sheet of foam board. Cut a rectangle with a utility knife and T-square to fit on the back panel. Use painter's tape to secure it in place. That's all you'll need!
Thanks, I've already done that, and its great for holding the tubes in place on their delicate mountings.  But the bigger risk is that during shipping the box is turned on end or upside down, in which case the weight of the preamp itself (notwithstanding it is in its original case) will come down on and crush the foam board and tubes.  Need the metal shroud for maximum protection.   OTOH, flash idea, I'll just remove those tubes and ship separately  --   um, not sure why I didn't just do that in the first place . . . . 
why should you have to send it with tubes?
contact the repair shop to see if they have the tubes in house.
You should remove the tubes anyway. Grill or no grill. You couldn't have received it that way.
I see that your original post was several months ago, but if you have not sent out the pre yet, I would be happy to let you borrow my tube cage.  It is imperative that you ship the pre with the tubes installed and firmly secured under the cage.  I have someone in Massachusetts that has repaired my Einstein gear in the past.  Let me know if you would like his contact information