Einstein The Tube pre vs Nagra PL-L or VTL7.5 II

has anyone had a chance to compare these preamps? also i'd be curious to know how the einstein compares with the MBL 6010 D. looking for dynamics,resolution, neutrality etc.
I recently visited a customer to let him audition the Einstein The Tube in his system. He had the MBL 6010D on loan to compare side by side. The Einstein, even with the stock tubes and power cord, was the clear winner: much more emotionally involving, faster and airier at the top end yet not at all bright, richer tone and better decay, excellent weight and dynamics.
I believe that Einstein (the man) would prefer Einstein The Solid State.
essential audio - how does the resolution of the einstein compare with the other preamps you've tried, like the blowtorch? is the einstein the best pre you've heard? thanks
factor in longevity..the vtl
Essentialaudio. I'm shocked.
I wonder how many retailers would submit a post in which a comparison of his product and a competitive product resulted in an unfavorable outcome to his.

We don't read those very often now do we?