Eidolon "N"

Hi, I just read today on the Avalon web-site of a new and improved Eidolon "N" speaker and was wondering if anybody has heard anything about it? As far as I know there is NO upgrade for the Eidolon to the Eidolon "N". Thanks, Tom
I'm the Eidolon owner, I just got my Eidolon for about 9mths, I never heard, the "N" version also, but I did see the Spectral making one same as the Eidolon, except not using the wood body.If you do know about more "N" version,pls e-mail me. Thanks!
hifi: the "eidolons" of which you speak are one-off monitors covered in nextel. they have nothing to do with the "n" designation. good guess, tho.
Hi Kelly, I was wondering if you knew anymore more about the "N' designation besides what information was given on the Avalon interact site. Thanks, Tom
trcnetmsncom: i beleive that the upcoming review of the eidolon in the german publication "audiophile" may have an explantion of the "n" designation. avalon may have an english translation of the review on its website, tho i don't know when to expect such. -kelly