Eico HF-81 best tube combo

I just purchased this gem and currently don't even know the tubes that are in it. I am planning on having it updated and that includes the tubes. To get a feel of my system;
Logitech transporter with Shuguang black treasures and Emission labs 5u4g mesh plate,
Artemis labs PL-1 phono preamp
Garrard 301 with SME 3012r arm and Denon DL103r
Nottingham Spacedeck with Ortofon rhondo blue

I don't mind spending money on tubes as I have heard the difference. I have also been running some NOS tubes as well.

I am looking for comments, questions and suggestions.

Very important recommendation! Contact Sam's Audio Labs. Sam is "the" expert on your amp.
Link for your amp.[http://home.earthlink.net/~eico_hf81/index.htm]
Thanks guys. I actually just did send an email to sam.
Cool. I had a McIntosh MR71 Tuner that was upgraded by Audio Classics some years back. It sounded really good, but today's heavy cables caused stress on those old jacks. I sent the tuner to Sam, and he upgraded all the jacks. He then converted the audio section to full triode. I was astonished by the sound.

The best part, is that he works with all kinds of equipment and will provide different levels of service at reasonable rates.

Good Luck.
Well it is being sent to Sam this week. He is very reasonably priced. I will keep posts and pics as I receive them.