Eico 666 Tube Tester Data for 6922 and KT-90?

I have an old Eico tube tester model 666 and was wondering if anyone had the test data for 6922 and KT-90 tubes.

This link will take you to Tannenbaums web site, where there are dozens of tester charts and rolls available. I think they have a complete chart for your machine, which gives data for every available tube for less than $30.00.

The 6922 should test Similar to the 6dj8, there may be some minor varriations, I dont have my RCA Tube Manual in front of me right now, but they are interchangeable in audio circuits. The KT-90 will not be on any charts, as this tube was only created in 1989, had a short run in the ei factory in Yugoslavia, before the wars, and is really a POS. It was designed to be a "hot-rod" KT-88 +, but it falls way short of a finished, reliable product.
Good luck
Here are the specs for the 6922.
Filament 6.3, Grid 13, Plate 60, Levers 45121 45111,
V 2, S 2, Leak 23 78,3&8 are underlined to hold the H-K leak button down at the same time as you depress them.
Merit buttons 1 & 6.
6bq5 what does POS stand for?

Hifi131bm I really appreciate it. You were a great help. I just finished testing some 6922's.

Thanks again,
6bq5's POS means that you don't want it. piece of s...
Ah... I see
Sorry for the delayed response. Bob has hit the nail on the head. Through a variety of circumstanses I saw some of the early KT-90s before release, and we had the opportunuty to test them and evaluate them. The hysteresis is just off the scale, and the linearity of the gain is not a lot better. The are well made mechanically, but electrically they need aLOT of refinement to be usable.
Good luck w/ the 6922/6dj8s