EICO 625 tube tester - KT88, 5687 tubes???

I recently acquired a EICO 625 tester just $40. I located a free manual via the WEB and the tester so far seems to work fine. I have the roll chart. I can test 12???, 6DJ8(cross referenced as 6BK7), EL34 and many other tubes. However, I can not locate settings for KT88, and 5687 tubes. Each of these tubes fits in a socket built in the in the EICO 625 tester.
I cross referenced 5687 to 7119 = E182CC, 7044, 6900 but can not find these tube types on the roll chart either.
For KT88 & 6550 I can not find any cross reference.

Can someone, anyone with more experience with this tester post the settings for thes tubes and/or offer some advice?

I've got an EICO 625 and after long research I found the following:

Equivalent settings are EL-34/KT88/6550= 6CA7

I created a chart of settings covering the tubes I own. Typical 12's and 6550 and 88's

My word processor is NeoOffice for Mac. I am trying to format it for MS Word. I can email you a copy it you want it.