Eichmann bullet plugs on Valhalla interconnects

A crazy idea or a sound upgrade to the Valhalla RCA plugs?
Has anyone tried it?
No, no, NO !!! Whether it will sound slightly better or not, you will destroy the resale value of these cables! Figure 30% to 50% LESS then the price that you should receive on the used market. In this case, LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE !!!
Never Ever Touch The Original Valhalla!!!
Resell value go straight down one third.
Can buy bulk valhalla cable? I'vealways wondered that.
No, as far as I know... I dont think they sell Valhalla in bulk. Someone asked already. (*Correct me if I am wrong)
No they do not. Nordost told me that the will cut a section of Valhalla (say 4 meters) and then cut that section in half, and terminate the ends to make a 2 meter pair. In this manner, your cable pair is ALWAYS matched from the same location in the bulk spool. This assures identical matching of left and right cables, as any minute deviations within tolerances limits that may occur during the production run, are eliminated. This may not be the case if your left cable comes from the beginning of the production run, and your right cable, from the end. Just another quality aspect of this cable! It's much easier (and cheaper!) to bulk cut a spool, terminate en masse, then package any two cables as an "identical" pair!
Just another quality aspect of this cable!

the fact that the cable is so mis-matched along the spool does not inflict me with the sense of quality. Anyway, just another fabricated story from a cable company making a mint on a pair of cables!

Steve, I NEVER said that the cable was "mismatched along the spool"!!! Read my post again! Apparently, you don't understand the concept of tolerances that apply to ANY manufacturing process. Anything that is outside of tolerance specs IS DISCARDED! Nordost does not sell "B" stock, unlike other manufacturers. You obviously are more interested in trashing Nordost, for whatever your personal reasons may be! Have you even tried any Valhalla cables?

you said "In this manner, your cable pair is ALWAYS matched from the same location in the bulk spool. "

that sounds to me like the cable can be mis-matched if take from different parts of the spool. I don't recall matching cables to be an issue with other cables.

My point was though this probably isn't really the case though It seems you said this is what was was told to you as the reason they don't sell bulk wire.

Steve, may I ask how many Audiogon accounts you have??
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Seems kinda strange?