Eichmann binding post caps broke again/ Suggestions on something better

The caps are brittle junk and crack when slightly torqued down, I just cracked the second one in the last year. I'm very gentle when tightening them down. My other amps have cardas copper and Eichmann but was wondering if there is anything better than the cardas around  $100 or so for 4 post? 

No experience with Cardas but I've been impressed with the Vampire binding posts I've used in a couple of projects. They're right at your stated budget.

Cardas copper
 Try  Furutech!!
I would also agree on the Mundorfs.
I ever knew Mundorf made binding post. I looked them up and they offer many versions, copper, gold silver plated. Which one is most neutral?  I'm a little concerned seeing plastic involved again. I really like the Eichmann sonics but they are unreliable.

Most neutral? Well, how long is a piece of string? Not to be smart here, but....As to the plastic on the Mundorf posts, it may look cheap, in fact there have been comments made to this very thing on various components that use them, Duevel, Octave, and others, but in reality, these posts are some of the most indestructible, easy to use posts I have found.

I think many people use the tight, but tighter must be better yet! If that is How things are, maybe straight in banana jacks may be better, utilizing Deltron style?

Reliability is every bit as important as the sonic aspects!

I just replaced my 6 months old Cardas Copper posts with WBT 708 and was quite surprised to hear more clarity and the lifting of a veil removed which was noticed immediately after install.

With the 20% off sale, $130 was well spent...



I personally wouldn't spend a lot of binding posts.  Would they make that much difference in sound?
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Couldn't tell you the brand but I had a set of binding post with 'wings'. No really, they are tempting you to tighten them down, but the real reason I liked them was because of the ease in which they could be used by hand. In the past, I have used posts made from Telluride copper (whatever that is), and they were quite sturdy. Just stay away from what many manufacturers use... yup the red/black plastic,,, cheap binding posts.