EIC and power cord for vintage tuner: yes or no?

I have an Accuphase T-100 tuner which I am (as you might guess) happy with, even in stock form. I am, however, tempted to have it modified, including having an EIC plug fitted so that I can use a good power cord. I'd really appreciate some opinions from those who have compared similarly good vintage tuners (but especially Accuphase) before and after that particular modification.

As is the case with all tweaks, I've heard very different views from respected sources. One well-known tuner modifier told me that it would make a big difference, while another suggested that beyond a good alignment, tuner modifications (including aftermarket power cords) are mostly "snake oil". Having experienced differences with aftermarket power cords on other components, I'm tempted to believe that it could make a noticeable difference with a good tuner, but I would like to hear some more opinions before making a decision.

Thank in advance!