Ei6DJ8 elite gold

Any audio fanatics out there have tried this particular tube on their preamps? If so, how would you rate the sonic performance when compared to other similar tube families (7308s,6922,6h23 etc..)I have a SF Line 2SE.
i've compared them to amperex 7308 & sovtec 6922s in an arc ls5 & an arc vt 130. i think the 7308s have more air but the midrange & bass are comparable in my gear. i'm now running 7308 in the ls5 because i've got a particularly well matched set but the vt 130 has the ei's & seems quite happy for much less money.
Since this particular model of Ei6DJ8s are fairly new in the market I do not expect too many feedback on this posting.

Nevetheless from my recent experience they have the best music for the buck IMHO. I use a pair on V1/LV1 with NOS SOVTEK 6922s on V2 & V3 locations.

I heard that the Seimens 7308 are better but cost a lot more.
I recommended that combo to someone in the last few weeks. Glad it worked for you too. FWIW I had less success with them in the line stage of my ARC SP10, but thats almost to be expected (they got noisy quickly). They have a nice full bass and are quite musical. I'm using them 50/50 in my SFM 160's with some Tesla's (NOS).

It's kind of coincidental you mentoned noisy. I just got a new pair last month and they started giving "tube rush noise" last night on my Line 2SE. But before then they sounded just fantastic, Solid Bass, detailed almost liquid sound. But they seem not to last long enough compared to other contenders. I'm glad that I'm not the only one to experience this. Thanks for the feedback. For sound I would probably rate them around 4.5(scale of 1-5) but for longevity a 2. I should probably switch with Siemens 7308 (V1/Lv1).
I agree re - sound rating but in a less demanding location they really add some richness to the bass. I'm still experimenting - so far they work fine in my amp (as above) and are very quiet in this application.