Ei Gold Elite vs

Has anyone had a chance to compare the Golds verses the non gold version? Specifically the 12AX7 and the 12AU7,but Im interested to hear anything about the differences in the 2 versions.Thanks-dave
Dave, I have Elite 12AX7E and the 12AX7EG and some non elite 12AX7's. The EG's and the non-elites appear for all pratical purposes to be identical except for the pins. I can't tell the difference between the non-elites and the EG if they are both free of noise and microphonics. The elites are allegedly screened more tightly. In any even I've had few failures of either, but some of both.

The 12ax7E has steel pins and grey plates. To my ear the tube is a tad warmer in tone, perhaps a bit more in the lower mid-s and upper bass.

I'm presently using the E's in 3 different amps and one pre-amp,and the EG's in two DAC's.

In general the EI is a very nice tube. Balanced and perhaps a bit on the warm side of neutral. I like it a lot especially compared to other current production tubes. Beware of quality control issues and buy from outfits that test and guarantee microphonics, or buy some extras just in case.
Im using the Ei ECC-83 (12AX7) Gray Plates (non Elite, non- gold pins) in my Jolida JD-100. I agree with Newbee's assesment of these as being a tad warmer sounding. The Elite gold pins, I found a bit too bright, and less textured sounding.

Some other members have also posted threads to the same.You may find them in doing a search regarding the Jolida JD-100 and what tubes are being used.

The Elite Gold Pin' are signifigantly more expensive than the ECC-83 Gray Plates...but this does not necessarily translate into better sound and this tube I think really proves it.They are the Cats meow in my Jolida. Warm, yet detailed and resolving with excellent smooth and spacious, well controlled(non spitty) highs, textured mids and excellent bass. I have tried about a dozen 12AX7/5751 types and chose these less expensive gray plates over all.

Be aware that tubes will sound different in different applications of varing components..so use this as a guide and not a definative substitute for your expreience.
Funny, I am also in the Ei Grey Plate camp. Heard some say the Gold Elites were no better, and other say they were not as good. Not sure, as I have yet to use them. Too happy with the regular ones to look elsewhere...
I have been shocked at how good the EI Gold Elite 6DJ8s are in my system. I didn't think any current 6DJ8 could compete with NOS, but not only can the EI Gold Elites compete, I actually prefer them.

I have purchased my last NOS 6DJ8s.

Same for EH 6SN7s.

No more NOS 6SN7s. All of my NOS 6SN7s are quietly resting on a shelf.