Ei Gold Elite Premium tubes& Music Reference Amp

I have a Music Reference RM-10 tube amp. Just a week ago I
decided to retube this amp. I looked around and decided
on Ei Gold Elite EL84's and 12AX7's. All have gold pins,
New new-stock. Dropped them in, let them burn a bit....WOW!
These, to me, are the real deal. You seem to get it all...
transparency, liquidity, nice bass slam, a real harmonic richness that would signal BIG BUCKS....at a cost of $65
for a matched quad of EL84, and $60 for a quad of 12AX7's.

For what its worth, they get a STRONG recommendation from me. Anyone else try these in other Music Ref or other amps?
Yep. In other amps, pre amps and DAC's. My favorite new production small tubes are EI's (6dj8's and 12AX7a's). Tele's on the cheap! The only caveat is QC - some can be microphonic - so only buy tubes tested for microphonics or be prepared to trash a few.
Yep. They're a poor man's telefunken. enjoy!
Hmmm, I might have to investigate a quad of those when my Telefunken CCAs give up the ghost in my RM9. After being spoiled by those damn things, it's hard to listen to another 6922 in that amp.

The Ei 6DJ8 Elite goldpins....great tubes !!
Give the Ei 6DJ8 Elite goldpins a try. At 8.95 each you can't loose!
They might give up the tiniest bit of bass extension but....at least you're not paying $100 each.
This is a very old post and times have changed. The Genalex Gold Lion EL84s, which you can get matched from Roger, are the best new production EL84s available. Roger is quite enthisiatic about these in the RM10s.