EH 6922 for BAT VK50?

I just got a BAT VK50 and it had some NOS tubes, Siemans E188CC & 6SN7GT from RCA. Immediately I replaced these with my 6H23 (with very low hours) that were in my BAT VK 5 as I already had these with me , as I like the sounds to be more dynamic and detailed.

I am not all that knowledgeable with tubes and when I wrote to Victor Khomenko of BAT he suggested to replace them with 6922's.

Appreciate any suggestions? Are the 6922 Platinum sold at Upscale the best choice for me or are there any other suggestions at affordable price range?

Greatly appreciate your views, Thanks!
I recently purchased some Telefunken E88CC (6922 variant) from Upscale Audio to put in my Symphonic Line pre-amp. My review of them on the Upscale site is here (second review, dated Oct. 10, 2014):

Kevin at Upscale has some NOS Telefunkens 6922s that are to die for put them in my BAT phonostage just give him a call and he will point you in the right direction. Best Regards