Egglestonworks Emma Evo

I am looking for a pair of new speakers, with a warm to neutral tone and good detail.  Have been looking high and low including the usual suspects: Harbeth, Devore O93, Audio Note E. Joseph Profile.  Will be replacing my trusty but dusty Spendors SP1.  Someone  recommended I look at the Egglestonworks Evo.  Can't find much written about these speakers.  Does anyone have any experience with them?  How do they compare to the above?  And are there any dealers our there in New England or the North East?  Will be using with a Leben CS 600 amplifier.

@mpomerantz    Here's the link to their contact page - it has another email address apparently that you can use
Good afternoon!
Recently, the entire EgglestonWorks product line has been refreshed. starting with Viginti (Michael Fremer RAVED about these in Stereophile), The Kiva (Please check Jeff Fritz' Soundstage review) and most recently, the "Entry Level" Emma Tower and Nico Monitor have been completely redesigned and designated "EVO" series. There have just been two outstanding reviews of EgglestonWorks Emma EVO--one in The Audio Beat and a second in Part-Time Audiophile "The Occasional Magazine" (Summer, 2019 issue) Both of these reviews are enormously positive.
The best email address at which to reach EgglestonWorks is Please contact us with any information you might require.

What did you decide?  Did you go for the Eggs or get a demo anywhere?