Egglestonworks Andra III vs Wilson Sasha

Can those of you who've auditioned both please give an opinion?

I was just about to pull the trigger on the Andra III then decided to investigate further.

Thanks in advance for your reply.
I would suggest you also look at the new Kef Blades they are amazing loudspeakers and can outperform either one of these speakers.

The Sasha's are more exciting to listen to then the Andras the Andras are more natural and musical.
I have auditioned the Eggleston and found it produce very realistic piano sound, IMHO, Sasha have better dynamic and transparent sounding.
Have you ever listen to Tannoy prestige Canterbury SE? If not you should give it a try.

Tannoy Prestige series with alnico driver and pepperpot waveguide is one the most coherent and musical speakers I have ever heard.
ALL THIS IS FINE AND WELL, but has anyone heard the newest version of the ANDRA and what are your impressions? ? i had a pair of Andra-2's and they were fantastic speakers- 20 to 20 freq. response and incredibly realistic sound. they suffered from less than SOTA midrange driver(s). but THAT has been remedied with the introduction of carbon-fiber designed midranges in the Andra-3, plus a newer crossover, different cabinets, etc. while the granite slabs on the sides may have been too expensive to continue with, they would still appear to be very
dead boxes (considering their very large dynamic capabilities). not that they are going to sound like Sashas, which have different drivers and are voiced in a very different way. SO Someone out there must have heard the Andra-3's...?