Eggleston Works Fontaines

Any opinions or insights would be appreciated. I'm in the process of starting a second system and I'm looking for a monitor speaker that will mate well with a Rogue Audio Tempest (Magnum)and a Cary CD-306. Thanks.

The Fontaine's are a marvelous speaker. When used on the Eggleston stand the in room bass responce is remarkable for a "monitor". They are incredibly well built, beautiful, and easy to drive, which makes them a good choice for a tube integrated. We've run this exact combination here in the store and the results were even beyond our expectations. If you'd like further comments please feel free to give us a call at 914-421-0069, or stop by the store to give the set up a listen.

I own the Fontaines, I have owned 40+ pairs of speakers and this is the first pair that really gets me emotionally involved and makes me want to buy more music. Looks and build quality are splendid.
I don't own Fontaines, but I can say that I was very impressed with them when I listened to them at the Home Entertainment show in NYC. Not the best acoustics in a hotel room, but even in such a poor room, they were very emotionally involving and had great impact and dynamics. I listened to them in a 5.1 Dolby Digital setup with a new Eggleston subwoofer prototype augmenting the bass, so it was hard to tell what they could do on their own in the bass department. But, I do think you should audition them if you can. Good luck!