Eggleston Works Andre 1 replace Infinity RS2.5

Would it be a worthwhile upgrade? Amps are either Classe ca-300 or Denon POA-S10 monoblocks. Pre is Zapco PQ for gain control and some eq. CD is Cary 206/200. Subwoofer is McIntosh PS112 and using onboard crossover. Rca from cd to sub is TempoElectric GIG TWIST. Rca from sub to Cary/Denon is Signal Cable silver reference. Speaker cables are Signal Cable biwire with Silver Reference to mids/highs and Reference Copper to bass. Speakers are in good unmodifed condition.

Room is is decent size with hardwood floors and walls are 1” thick stucco on 1/4” sheetrock. Back of speakers 3.5’ from wall and 3’ from side. 20 feet to wall behind where I sit. No dedicated room treatment other than curtains behind speakers and lots of “stuff along side walls. My ears are at tweeter level how I sit.

Could I get rid of sub with the Andres, I’m sure either amps would drive them just fine........right.

Any input with comparison against any Infinity speaker would be helpful.
I once owned a pair of Andra 1 and Rosa 1.   Expect them to demand big time power.   They are both bass shy unless you throw at least 200wpc Class A power behind them.   Fast, neutral, very revealing, make sure your CA300 is in top condition.

I sold them since they were just too tough to drive well.