Eggleston Works Andra II versus B&W 800

Need some guidance. Have an opportunity to purchase either pair new at attractive price. Will be used in dedicated audio listening (not part of HT) using Krell FBR amplification, CJ front end. Very large room - 30'x 15' with one long wall mostly glass. Need to place speakers on short wall due to WAF issues. In area where I can't audition either, no local dealers.

Thanks for any input.
This is my experience I would like to share to you,
I never heard the Andra II, but the review impied
is an improvement of the original Andra, I own
the original,I auditioned the 802 and the Andra original,
this is side by side,before the Andra was brought to
my house I was convince the 802 were as good as the Andra,
While listening to the Andra, I felt Sarah Brightman
is in the room,the emotion is there. Then I connected
the 802,Sarah Brightman is missing in action,no emotion
anymore,IMS that time the Andra are just too good.IMHO
and my humble experience.Hope this help.
Don't know the B&W 800 although I know other B&Ws. Heard the Andra II at the Montreal show and liked it a lot. Very subtle, musical speaker but lots of oomph available. Didn't want to leave that room. IMHO it put all the B&Ws I had heard to shame. Would be great in a large room. In other words, nothing to contradict Jacytoy. Although your wife might not like the way the Andra looks... Hope this helps !
Tobias my wife like the looks of my Andra original,
they are piece of art, and well built.Honestly
I like the looks of the original,they are perfect
where they are.
Would anyone have the web address to the Andra site, I'm curious to find out more about them and see what they look like. Thanks
I have auditioned both speakers and, for once, have to agree with Jayctoy. The Andra is a much better, thoroughly enjoyable loudspeaker. Tobias suggests that "your wife might not like the way the Andra looks." Considering that the speaker has more than a passing resemblance to the male organ, I feel sorry for that particular husband.


Holton Corsey
OK, I made a contentious comment on the speaker's looks. I did not wish to insult anybody's taste, or anybody's wife's taste, and I apologize.

My own personal taste is very catholic (I don't mean in the religious sense), in that what matters to me is music, not appearance. I have a lady companion who does not keep her opinions a secret and I can imagine her comment on the Andra II's looks. So I should have said "my wife might not like the way they look", and not "your wife, etc ". I do beg everyone's pardon. The Andra IIs are IMHO superb speakers, and at the price, they should be.

Mr. Corsey, thank you for your sympathy, it is much appreciated.
I've lived with the Andra II's for about a year (converted foom Andra I's), and am very familiar with the B & W 800's, both at dealers and one of my friends' houses. I very much prefer the A II's, and find something a bit (comparatively hard) and bright about the 800's with most solid state amps (exception might be the big Lamm hybrids, which are very good at putting a bit of space around big speakers, or the new Rowlands. You use Krells, and I wouldn't think that was a particularly good combination with the 800's, but I've never heard them together). One factor you might consider is that the A II's, like the originals, are designed to go pretty close to a back wall, while the 800's, like most speakers their size (e.g Eidolons, Revel Salons, Kharmas), are not. To use my previous B & W's in my (22 X 13.5 X 9') living room, I had to put tube traps behind and to the side of the speakers, while the A II's sound better without them.
Mgottlieb, may I ask how you positioned your Andra IIs in your living room--short wall, long wall, across a corner or... ?
Mgottleib; Have you any experience with comparing the AIIs and the AII's conversion? If they are very close in performance, it seems like to me that buying a used pair and having it converted would be a good deal. I think this could be done for less than $10,000.
Lokie it can be done for less than 10k.If uou
can find used below 7k.I have not seen one.
Hi. My Andra II's are positioned along the long wall, slightly toed in. I haven't compared the AII's as rebuilt to new ones. My understanding is they are exactly the same--same drivers, same enclosure, but with the old bass cabinet modified to the new specs. For the complete answer to that, you'll have to ask Eggleston.
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Sorry guys the post above, was mistakenly put here, in this thread ,this post is in response to Tonet post, on the review done by Mgottlieb about AndraII.Tonet was talking about decency, when He does not have one.
Pardon me gentlemen for eliciting such state of belligerence from Mr. Bonifacio Turla (Jayctoy).

Obviously, his war drums are beating all over the place. No need to mar this decent discussion with such angst.

As you all well know, there are always two sides to a story. And for each remark there is a truthful retort but as adviced by people we both know, why stoop and bother?

Now, let's get back to the subject of speakers.....