Eggleston Works Andra Crossover upgrade

Has anybody upgraded the crossover in the original EgglestonWorks Andra speaker and if so was it worth the expense? Thanks
Yes, Andra III (not me though!). Go ahead and mail TG-Acoustics and you'll see.
I read this post right after the one about the Stereophile review of the new B&W 800D. I owned several B&Ws but never liked the B&W Kevlar midrange because it sounded clear but unmusical. In my opinion the original Andra had the most natural midrange I had ever heard, probably because of the direct connection to the amp. Adding a crossover to the midrange will not improve it (I haven't listened to the newer Andras but you can search for some negative opinions here). I also remember the Andra had an ability to depict height that was almost unreal for such a short speaker. The only problem was the bass, maybe due to the complex crossover.