Eggleston spkr owners - which SS or hybrid amp ...

... do you own? Please specify your speaker model as well.
(My Fontaines are being driven by powerful SET. Reason for this poll: curious if I can get nearly same sound with SS or hybrid.)
Mcintosh 501's for me - love them driving Andra II's.
I used to have Eggleston Rosa. Pass Labs amps. First Aleph 5, then Aleph 2 ending with XA100.5. The Rosa needs lots of good clean power. Pass amps are an excellent match.
Hello Danny own a pair of EGGLESTONWORK ANDRA 3 that seem relatively an easy load, 24 inches apart from the back wall. They are driven by Hybrid amps: a pair of LAMM M 2.2 and the reference pre amp also by LAMM. I got plenty of power in a room of 23 X23. Very smooth sounding speakers but also very dynamic with a perspective of being in a live event (full scale). Note the LAMM is rated very conservatively at 220 WPC. Hope this help.
When I owned the Andra IIs, then the Andra Is, a BAT VK-500 with the BAT PAK and two DCCA Extreme Ref power cables really made great music together. Ultimately though, I prefered tubed amps...
andras - mastersound ref 845 40w tube bliss
nuforce sounded nice too with cary tube preamp
I know that Mark O'brien from Rogue Audio uses Eggleston in his show set ups. You might want to look into their new hybrid which does have tubes. Ive read good things.
With My Andra's 2 I am using Pass Labs X350.5
I have use the BAT VK-55SE and BAT VK-75SE with the Rosa's. The 75Se is much better.
I remember hearing a pair of Andra's powered by a VTL S80. Simply stunning.

Impossible to relate exactly what "nearly" means to you. You might be intrigued by the usual benefits of a solid state design for a time. Once bitten, you'll eventually return to the relaxed presentation of tubes. 'Sounds like tubes' is usually a positive, sounds like solid state is, wellÂ…

If you're looking for more deep bass there is no substitution for a modern powered sub with EQ.
Ayone use or heard Ayre amps with Eggys?
I've had the Rogue Medusa and Fountaine Signatures in my system at different times, and I'd really like to hear what they sound like together. I think the clean detail the Medusas provide up top combined with the Fountaine's refined treble would make a very nice combo along with the Rogue's expressive mids, fluid dynamics, 3D soundstaging and very tight bass. Would also like to pair them with something from Clayton or maybe a Plinius 103. Best of luck.
I use the hybrid (200 wpc) Lamm M2.1 monoblocks with my Andra II speakers. Great combination, IMHO.

(I can't imagine using anything else. Well, except the M2.2s, the M2.1's successor, which will happen when I get the money and a great deal falls into my lap.)