Eggleston Andra power requirements

I've been using BAT VK60 monoblocks to power the Andra's. Anything else I should be considering. I want to stay with tube amps.
Great response Kurt -- but IMO and I have the Andra II's, 60 watts isn't enough for the dual concentric bass. Remember, you're trying to push two 12 inch woofers with 60 watts. You're probably not able to control the bass as the Andra's are designed -- maybe bloomy sounding. I had dual MC275's which worked very well (mono/parallel for 150+ watts) and was very happy until McIntosh came out with the MC2301's -- so, I got greedy and upgraded (a virus in this hobby/craze, I guess).
If you can swing the dual MC275's -- highly recommended for the best bang for the buck (used pair in the $5.5K neighborhood).
I failed to mention prior to the pair of MC275's, I tried pushing the Andra's with 75 tube watts -- big difference when I went with the dual 275's -- just what the Andra's were looking for.
My friend could not drive them properly with antique soundlab monsoon monoblocks. Thick, slow, bloomy sound, for some musical, for some boring. He thought boring. Now he drives them with Spectron musician monoblocks. Now he is on the other side of the pendulum: fast energetic but cold and tipped up sound. We recently tried with nuforce monoblocks (plus PS powerplant and top of the line Harmonic technology cabling). That configuration seemed to be a balanced way between the two extremes. Source: emm labs.
What does the Mc2301 add aside from more bass? (Comparing to two 275s)

One of my friends has the Andra I's. He is running them with the FPB 600 Krell. It has good control over the bass.